Product Descriptions

Bilt For Children
Wired control to keep away from radiation
* Child-friendly
Mpow safe child headphone provides enlarged over-ear ear muffs with soft and food-grade material, in consideration for wearing comfort and security. Wired control keeps children away from radiation when receiving calls or listening to music, ensuring your children safe and sound.
* Distinct Volume Control Switch
Features distinct switch that can limits volume to 85db with the press on, to protect hearing of your child. While in a noisy environment like car or aeroplane, the volume can be adjusted to a normal sound with the press off.
* Happy Sharing
The kids headset provides easy access to 2 devices simultaneously connected, for a delightful sharing with fiends and families. No more splitter is troubled!
* Growth Assistance
Foldable headband helps easy storage, no matter when going to school or travelling around. On-line study is available thanks to this beneficial tool with keeping child company!
* Adjustable and Durable
Adjustable headband suits for different-aged children and can stay with them as growing up. The durable and tangle-resistant cables can withstand rough play of children to guarantee durability and practicability of this child headphone.
Note: The headphone updated since 1st Aug, 2019. Audio line can’t be removed of upgraded version.